Introduction My name is Giuseppe Esposito, born in 1987 in Alghero, Sardinia, where I currently live and work. From a young age, my passion for art, photography, and music has guided me.

Education My artistic education began at the Filippo Figari Art Institute in Sassari, then continued at the Mario Sironi Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari. I enriched my education by participating in high-level courses such as Nikon Campus and masterclasses with renowned photographers like Francesco Cito, Steve McCurry, Dario Plozzer, and many others.

Career My professional career took off in 2009, starting with wedding photography, an area I continue to explore to this day. However, my true passion soon shifted towards fashion and advertising photography. Since 2022, I have been teaching fashion photography at the Academy of Art & Fashion in Sassari.

Significant Projects My works have found space on prestigious platforms like D di Repubblica, Photovogue, Maquini Magazine, Dark Beauty, and others. One of my most significant reportage projects is “0031”, an intimate narration about the birth of my son.

Studio My studio is a full-fledged communication agency were me and my team develop projects that embrace all new technologies, from photography to video production, from website development to brand identity and marketing.

Creative Philosophy My art is strongly influenced by themes of inclusion, diversity, and equality, themes that I consider fundamental in my work. Through my images, I try to represent all expressions, physical, somatic, social, and cultural characteristics of humanity. Respect for every human being is at the center of my creative philosophy.

Conclusion After years of innovation and creativity, I continue to be interested in visual communication applied to various media. My commitment in the field of photography and visual communication remains uninterrupted, with the aim of capturing not just images, but stories, emotions, and unique moments.

Published Works

White Magazine – 2021
Dark Beauty Magazine X 4.18 – Sep 9, 2018
D Repubblica – Apr 1, 2016
A.Banda 2016. Fotografia Contemporanea – Gen 1, 2016

Factory Studio

Factory is a multifaceted creative studio located in the heart of the quaint city of Alghero, Sardinia, a small paradise nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Bright and modern, it’s the place where I conceptualize and develop my projects. But it’s also a home for all those artists who passionately work in the world of art and need a ‘space’ to unleash their visions.

Communication agency, photo studio, educational space, co-working – Factory is all this and more. It’s a hub of creativity and collaboration, a place where ideas come to life.