La Distanza

She chose that house because only sea could make the necessary distance; distance from people, from questions, from every noise different from waves on cliff.

Each of her days passed identically like a slow cerimony, till the sea took her a visit, a man that was climbing the cliff now, visibly sure being come in the right place.

She immediately described him to a friend famous for knowing everyone, and it’s been the most terryfing of telephone calls. The man, actually, was famous for visiting persons close to death. Buy She didn’t forget the fact he was there withont invitation, so she prepared to manage him, with a loaded gun she osserved him, between the rocks catching a primitive energy by the sun, just like he was aware to get ready for a not so easy meeting.

She maked him give a kimono, black as the habit of death because, after all, each of her acts was an inevitable cerimony, this man’s sight was making her radioctive, maybe because he was appearing so actractive and despite she wandered all her wardrobes to show herself to him with the most astonishing mise, he didn’t seem to repay her look of desire, and more distant than anybody else in the world, he seemed to be here just for watching the flow of the last grains of sand in her hourglass.

Concept, clothes and styling by Manuel Casati
Narrative by Stefano Serusi

Manuel Casati, Alessandro Chessa

Porto Conte Park // Torre Nuova area – home to the Antoine De Saint-Exupéry Museum.